~ About the project ~

SHARE project (101090560 — SHARE — ERASMUS-SPORT-2022-SSCP), co-funded by the European Union involves and brings together a group of two organizations –  START association and  Democritus University of Thrace, actively engaged in sports, social entrepreneurship and youth sector. Starting from the concept that sport can be used as tool for supporting skills development, promoting dual careers of athletes, using mobility as a tool for improving qualifications and promoting employability through sport.

Our main goal is to propose a model for Dual Careers which consists of a sharing athletes and coaches personal experiences, knowledge and recommendations about dual careers, identifying the top attributes required by companies hiring employees and developing an innovative training model which will make an easy connection between the athletes qualities and the attributes needs for the labour market.

The training program will consist of general principles to be followed when designing training programs for athletes and young people involved in sport, based on the integrative approach of combining sport activities with the promotion of education in and through sport, encouraging Dual Careers and quality of coaching.

SHARE training program will contain innovative tools and techniques especially created to accompany training activities in order to foster entrepreneurship thinking and skills acquisition and to create an innovative and much needed model for transition to post-sport careers. It will include high quality predesigned training techniques complemented with case studies and best practices examples for trainers and coaches ready to be used in different sport activities.

SHARE project stands for sharing personal experiences, sharing gained knowledge and share recommendation. By sharing information could be enhance storytelling which could influence Dual careers programmes, national and international strategies and policies.