~ Objectives ~

In recent years, the concept of dual careers has gained increasing attention among athletes, sports organisations and policymakers. The idea is to encourage athletes to pursue education and career opportunities alongsiefe their sporting endeavours, thus promoting employability and future prospects beyond sports.This approach not only will benefit the athletes themselves but also helps to srengthen the sports industry by producing well-rounded individuals with diverse skills and experiences.

In order to effectively implement a new methodology for skill development in sport using personal experiences of sportspersons, it is important to design a plan and test it trough a pilot experience. Through it during the transnational meetings in Bulgaria and Greece, we will be able to test the effectiveness of the methodology and refine it based on the results. If successful it can implemented on a larger scale, providing valuable guidance and inspiration to athletes and professionals alike 

Dual careers refer to the idea that athletes can pursue both sports and ambitions and their careers aspirations simultaneously without having to make the hard choice between them. However, balance in those pursuits can be very challenging and many athletes struggle with transition to life after sport. Personal experiences of sportspersons who have successfully navigated this transition can be a powerful tool to encourage people to develop the skills necessary to succeed in both their sporting and professional careers.

~ Specific objectives ~

То enhance sharing of sportspersons personal experiences and reviewing of existing success cases in athletes Dual Careers;

To increase the organisations competencies in supporting Dual Careers of Athletes;

To propose new approach in gaining knowledge in Athletes Dual Careers through storytelling and provide role models case for athletes in Dual Careers

To build а strategic network to promote athletes Dual Careers

To elaborate and disseminate an innovative training program in athletes Dual Careers

To enhance and support entrepreneurship education in different sports focusing on the employability skills