~ Results ~


The comparative research is based on existing dual training curricula, sport entrepreneurship and sport based startups, brainstorming and collection of good practices. The elaboration of the research included interviews with sportspersons for Dual Careers and research on personal athletes success stories.
The findings from the conducted interviews indicated that the dual-career program is in its early
stages, and that concerted efforts from all participants are necessary to advance the program. The primary issue identified was the vague boundaries surrounding the employment aspirations of athletes during and after their sports careers. Stakeholders’ offerings were limited to seminars, sport-specific education opportunities, and some financial support, which were also constrained due to the financial crisis in Greece and low incomes in Bulgaria.
The research highlights that Greece has legislation in place to regulate educational support for elite athletes. However, these laws are outdated and insufficient to address the issue at hand.
Therefore, new strategies must be developed to tackle the new / modern challenges faced by
athletes in terms of their training conditions, their education and the development of a future
professional activity. Bulgaria is behind Greece in terms of legislation and regulations to support the educational development of elite athletes. 


The SHARE training program content is based on the research findings, redesigning of tools which could be applicable to different sports and contexts and include a piloting protocol.
The program and protocol represent a model for Dual Careers which empowers athletes to thrive not only in sports but also in their chosen careers. By continuing to prioritize athlete well-being, equity, international collaboration, and ethical considerations, the project can lead to a way in shaping a more inclusive, resilient, and athlete-centric future in the world of sports and beyond.


As the SHARE project strives to bridge the gap between athletes’ sporting careers and their
pursuits in the labor market, it is imperative to not only create impactful change but also
ensure its longevity. Sustainability and the enduring impact of the program are at the
forefront of our mission. To achieve this, we have crafted a comprehensive sustainability and
impact plan structured into eight distinct sectionс which are the following: continuous monitoring and evaluation, alumni network, research and innovation, partnerships and funding, integration with sports institutions, athletes – centered approach and educational partnerships.