supporting skills development in sports and encouraging Dual Careers of Athletes

Hi, we are SHARE - a dual career initiative with a focus on enchasing sport skills and promoting athletes pursuit of professional careers outside of sports

We believe that sports can provide a powerful platform for personal and professional goal, and we aim to use mobility as a tool for improving qualifications and promoting employability trough sport.


Goals and objectives

Encouraging Dual Careers of Athletes and promoting employability through sport while using mobility as a tool for improving qualifications

Supporting skills development in sport using sportspersons personal experiences in Dual Careers to encourage people

Design this new methodology and test its implementation trough a pilot experience during the transnational meetings and events in Bulgaria and Greece


„My involvement in sports gave me the discipline, persistence and patience that each of us needs in life to achieve our goals.“
Kyriakopoulou Nikoleta,
Pole vault
„Sports helped me a lot, it was the ticket for my admission to School of Physical Education in Komotini.“
Michaletzakis Dimosthenis,
Paraolympic swimmer
„The discipline and consistency I gained from sports helped me both in my studies and in my life in general.“
Bachlava Tzortzina,
Volleyball player